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a question: I have three maven projects that should make up one war file. The three projects are:

simple-domain simple-weather simple-webapp

where simple is the parent pom. I've tried a multi module project under eclipse but I had to add relative paths to the parent project. Can someone provide me a simple set of poms or examples that would help me achieve the following:

build all projects by running maven install on the parent, run each of the three sub projects by themselve ( so it should find the parent ) and avoid using relative paths.

the latter is important as I will deploy the projects to a hudson server where each project is a job where the relative paths might differ

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You should use the standard Maven directory structure simple simple-domain simple-weather simple-webapp

Then remove any relative path and use m2eclipse to handle everything in Eclipse.

Also, set up one job for simple, not one for every module. Hudson handles multiple modules well.

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