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Let's say I pass this parametre value "aboutme" to my Stored procedure. In my table "PagesTable" I have a column named "PageName" that has values like "About Me" , "About Company", etc. Now what I want is compare the parametre passed (aboutme ie) with these column values. So I need to first convert the column values to lower case and remove the spaces in between and only then can I compare.

Someone please tell me how do you accomplish this in MSSQL? Any help will be greatly apreciated. Thanks :)

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Transforming the column value will mean that no indexes can be used. If this is a frequent search, and the table grows large, it could hurt performance. If this is likely, you might want to look into adding a computed column to the table, and indexing it. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Mar 29 '11 at 7:42

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    DECLARE   @yourString   VARCHAR(100)
    SET   @yourString =   'HI HOW ARE YOU'

    SELECT LOWER( REPLACE( @yourString, ' ', '' ) )

For comparison against a value

    WHERE LOWER( REPLACE( ColumnName, ' ', '' ) ) = @val
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