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I have created a new Security Policy token for Rampart say of type SignedSupportingToken. It successfully generates a request with custom tag in the policy.xml

<sp:SignedSupportingTokens xmlns:sp="">
                <sp:CustomToken sp:IncludeToken="" />

Now i want to deploy a service which requests for Custom tokens from clients. For that i added the custom jars to the axis/lib in tomcat/webapps and above part to the services.xml of the service and deployed it.

But it does not generates the wsdl for the service and displays a message "Internal Error" . When i check the tomcat stack trace following exception was found.

[INFO] getData request failed for dialect,
mException: No open start element, when trying to write end element
        at org.apache.axis2.dataretrieval.WSDLDataLocator.outputInlineForm(WSDLD
        at org.apache.axis2.dataretrieval.WSDLDataLocator.getData(WSDLDataLocato

What can be the solution for this. Any suggestion is most welcome.

thanks and regards,


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solved with token serialization. – Shy Anj Mar 31 '11 at 8:11
If you solved this then add your response, we could upvote it and it will not be displayed as unanswered. – Michał Niklas Apr 1 '11 at 10:52

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