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I have a table with names (names). I have another that holds ids (user). I have a conditional construct - a case-when statement that is supposed to insert an id into the user table if a name in the names table matches a certain condition.

I have used like % to match string patterns:

delimiter //
create procedure name_matching (in names.name varchar, out id int) 
    when names.name like 's%_%a' then
      insert into user (id) values ('1'); 
      insert into user (id) values ('2'); 
  end case  

This outputs error 1064 on mysql terminal.

Is there a way to do this differently?

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There are a couple of small problems with your procedure. You need a semicolon after the end case, you need to specify a field size for the varchar in the input parameter list, etc. The following works for me on MySQL 5.1 ("works" meaning: does not produce error when creating procedure):

delimiter $$
create procedure name_matching (in name varchar(500)) 
    when name like 's%_%a' then
      insert into user (id) values (1); 
      insert into user (id) values (2); 
  end case;
end $$
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