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I would like to generate a tree diagram out of an XML schema definition. Liquid XML Studio has a visual XSD tree editor, and lets me save my tree as a .png file, which fulfills some of my needs. But I am wondering if there is a tool out there that lets users convert XSD files to web pages, where the diagram can be clicked, expanded, and collapsed, and possibly even support URL fragments, so that I could link to a particular complexType, and clicking on the link would jump to that part of the diagram.

Is there a tool out there that does any of these things?

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Oxygen XML does most if not all of what you need. From the website blurb:

It is possible to generate HTML documentation pages from XML Schema files. The documentation includes images representing the models for the elements, attributes, types, a.s.o. The documentation is obtained with just a couple of clicks even for schemas that include or import other schemas. For large schemas a generate chunks option is available that will output each global schema component description (element, attribute, type, etc.) on a separate page.

An example HTML documentation page is given, the link to which is broken. Try Google's cached copy:

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The open source command line java application xsdvi creates an interactive diagram in SVG format from an XML Schema Definition. The generated SVG file can be displayed by a modern web browser where the user can expand and collapse the tree by mouse clicking.

Here is an example of a generated diagram


The software can be downloaded from


See also this stackoverflow answer

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Liquid XML Studio can also generate HTML Docs. Have a look at the schema library for some sample output

alt text

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Liquid XML has a XSD dependancy viewer. I find it realy useful for finding unresolved includes as they are marked in red. enter image description here

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