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I have created a global interceptor which will check for Session timeout.

                <interceptor class="com.action.SessionChecker" name="sessCheck"> </interceptor>

            <default-interceptor-ref name="sessCheck"></default-interceptor-ref>


Now it in SessionChecker I check for session timeout

    public String intercept(ActionInvocation arg0) throws Exception {

        String result;
        Map<String,Object> session = arg0.getInvocationContext().getSession();




        return result;

Before every request Interceptor is getting called but, then it does not go to action class of that request and though I get corresponding page to the request there is no data.

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The following line in your configuration is configuring your session timeout interceptor as the only interceptor in the stack, which is certainly not what you want.

<default-interceptor-ref name="sessCheck"></default-interceptor-ref>

Instead, you need to define a stack that contains all of the interceptors you want to use and define that as your default.

Also, the interceptor you have built is not actually detecting that a session has timed out, but rather just that a session is empty. I'm not sure what is populating your session, but if this interceptor is invoked prior to a new session being properly populated, it will be erroneously identified as timed out.

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