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I am about to make an application which takes data and serves various types of graph up that plot this data. I am currently researching the frameworks etc that will need to be used for such a project. The application will be run online and currently I am thinking of using Flash/HTML for the front end and PHP for interrogating the database. I looked into what seemed like a decent package (JP Graph) but am open to suggestions of any other packages that can be used? Anyone done anything like this before?

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I can really recommend Highcharts. I've tested a lot of different graphlibs and this is by far the best one I've tried. Looks great, easy to use and is a lot better to tweak to your needs than others like for instance Google charts (which also is a decent lib).

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Google RaphaelJS, your jaw will drop. ;-)

http://g.raphaeljs.com/ has some specific examples

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i'm using for that purposes nice framework http://dhtmlx.com/ it has modern charts, grids, layouts, toolbars and so on. full documentation and tech support.

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