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I am looking for an editor/IDE on windows doing autocompletion like eclipse (you start to type and there is a list of possible functions/variables). I tried Netbeans but it does not support network drives, I tried ruby mine, and aptana, but the tab gizmo requires you already know ruby on rails very well to be used.

Is there a Rails editor for windows with autocompletion?

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I think JetBrains makes the best IDEs on the market, hands down. Take a look at their Ruby Mine. It's not free, but some things are worth paying for.

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It does not recognise Rails. All the .all and .find function are declared as unknown... –  Syl Mar 29 '11 at 10:01
Where did you see Rails autocompletion in RubyMine? You are giving your opinion without answering the question. –  Adnan Doric Nov 29 '12 at 0:24

Take a look at this thread: Ruby on Rails Editor for Windows

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Aptana RadRails is an extension for eclipse with ruby on rails support and is open source.

RubyMine is also another good editor but it is not free. RubyMine is surely a useful IDE but you might try the open source IDEs first.

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