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Is this correct?

I want to get variable from @PUT method parameter in REST web service.

But I get the variable "Null" , how to get parameter?

Could anyone tell me?

public Response postContainer(@PathParam("objecturi")String path){

    mongoDAOImpl impl=new mongoDAOImpl();
    Mongo mongo=impl.getConnection("","27017");
    DB db=impl.getDataBase(mongo,"public");
    DBCollection coll=impl.getColl(db,"public");
    mongoDTO dto=new mongoDTO();

    boolean bool;
         file= new filemethods();
         bool=file.createcontainers(coll, dto, path);
             return Response.status(Response.Status.OK).build();

         }else {
             return Response.status(Response.Status.NOT_ACCEPTABLE).build();
     }catch(Exception ex){
         return Response.status(Response.Status.BAD_REQUEST).tag("Container create error"+ex.toString()).build();
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Is your method parameter an http parameter like /uri?objecturi=/some/path? Then you have to use @QueryParam("objecturi") instead of @PathParam("objecturi").

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What do you have in your @Path annotation? Basically if you want your code to work, you must have something like @Path("/url/{objecturi}")

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For HTTP PUT-method you need to use form parameters with "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" MIME-type of your HTTP Header and @QueryParam annotation.

public Response postContainer(@QueryParam("objecturi")String path){

Hope this helps.

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