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I'm planning to write Software under Fedora , I hope to help me choosing the best language. Softwares that I'm going to write. They are Database Applications.

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C++ and Python would be a Nice choice!:)

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As most GUI-Frameworks provide wrappers for many programming languages I'd suggest you choose the programming language which suits your needs best. Good GUI frameworks IMHO are:

  • wxWidgets
  • Qt
  • SWING (Java)
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What languages do you know? I would use Java but that's because I know Java. I have used C++ but never done any GUI programming with it. GUIs in Java are pretty easy.

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My vote goes for mono (.NET). !!

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C++ with Qt. It's similarly easy to use as Java due to it's hirarchical memory model (no need to bother much with memory management) and it's familiar libraries and signals and slots are a nice way to do observers and callbacks and can easily be multithreaded if needed. Also the SQL framework (since you want database connectivity) is quite nice (however inferior to JDBC, IMO).

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