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I have created a SVN repository using this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Subversion. Exactly as per mentioned with two users. Now I want to use Eclipse and add the repository I have on my drive. Can anybody help?

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Check out the Subclipse, svn plugin for eclipse. –  Nishan Mar 29 '11 at 9:24
Step by step installation guide for subclipse subclipse.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectProcess?pageID=p4wYuA –  naiquevin Mar 29 '11 at 9:25

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Get subclipse to add subversion support to eclipse. Then you can checkout from your local subversion server using eclipse's version control / team functionalities.

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i have installed that collabration package which comprises of eclipse mylyn and svn. can that help ??? –  shridatt Mar 29 '11 at 9:25
that sounds like it should work too, yes. look at the eclipse documentation on how to checkout / use the team functionality. you should see subversion in addition to cvs for all team functionality related stuff –  Janick Bernet Mar 29 '11 at 9:27

See this How to use Subversion with Eclipse

Hope it helps.

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As already mentioned, try Subclipse. Then use "File->Import...->SVN->Checkout Projects from SVN"

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You should install some SVN plugin to Eclipse (e.g.: Subclipse) then you could add your java project in normal way and you'll see SVN ability

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i have installed subeclipse.the plugin works fine.but while adding the repository url error comes.please help –  shridatt Mar 29 '11 at 10:00
so show me what kind of error is shown –  smas Mar 29 '11 at 10:22

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