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I am developing application that uses Cassandra NoSQL database and I am adding web interface. I have 2 projects: cassandra-access (this project is DAL) and web (this project is web application).

Scenario is simple enaugh. Cassandra-access has dependencies on hector.jar which is not in maven repository. So I added this dependency to my local repository via mvn install:install-file and I list my repository in parent pom:


In Web projects pom I added dependency on Cassandra-access. But when i start the Web application with hello world read from database I am getting classNotFound exception as if the hector.jar isn't on class path. When I write mvn clean install the resulting war of web project doesn't include hector.jar in WEB-INF/lib. That further confirms my theory.

How to achieve that war get's all the transitive dependcies? I thought that all dependencies that are in scope compile (which is default) will get copied.

Web projects pom:


Cassandra-access pom:

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I have found that above text works as well. I just had WARNINGS in POM which causes maven to NOT INCLUDE TRANSITIVE DEPENDENCIES AT ALL. The best way to debug such a situation is using mvn dependency:tree -X –  Kalaz Mar 30 '11 at 8:49

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It maybe not the optimal solution but it works for me: put the hector jar in the lib directory of the cassandra access. add to the cassandra-access pom:


then add the following plugin:

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