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subManager = new VerticalFieldManager()
    protected void sublayout( int maxWidth, int maxHeight )
        int displayWidth = 300;
        int displayHeight = 200;

        super.sublayout( displayWidth, displayHeight);
        setExtent( displayWidth, displayHeight);                

/// add your component to this subManager/////////      

subManager.add(new LabelField("NeelInfo", FIELD_TOP));
subManager.add(new LabelField("Email id", FIELD_HCENTER));
subManager.add(new LabelField("Phone No", FIELD_BOTTOM));

//add subManager over the mainManager
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1 Answer

you can use the absolute field manager in such contexts

In AbsoluteFieldManager you can add the fields at specified coordinates such as

afm is the object of AbsoluteFieldManager afm.add(YourFieldObj,xCoord,yCoord); add(afm) .. adding it to the screen

you can write your code this way:

class ClassName extends MainScreen
     AbsoluteFieldManager afm;
     public ClassName()
          \\your code
          afm = new AbsoluteFieldManager()
                 public void paint(Graphics g)
                   \\this will draw the background with the image for u    
                    g.drawpaint \\method which needs a bitmap

I hope this will help you :)

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hey thanku its working –  sagar Mar 29 '11 at 12:58
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