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Im creating an application on Adobe Flex mobile (Blackberry playbook to be exact). Im designing an app that has a search function that makes a simple HTTP request to a server and waits for a response...

When the user clicks on search, how do I create an alert box that says "Searching..." and doesn't disappear until we get an HTTP response?

Thanks Phil

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add event listener to HTTP object that listen the response

then show the dialog on start search and hide it when response listener is called

        private var service:HTTPService 

        public function useHttpService(parameters:Object):void {
            service = new HTTPService();
            service.destination = "sampleDestination";
            service.method = "POST";
            service.addEventListener("result", httpResult);
            service.addEventListener("fault", httpFault);

        public function httpResult(event:ResultEvent):void {
            var result:Object = event.result;
        //in your case show the dialog on search click and hide the dialog here. 

        public function httpFault(event:FaultEvent):void {
            var faultstring:String = event.fault.faultString;


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