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New to webdevelopment and virtualization I just installed the Ruby On Rails Turnkey appliance on my computer using Virtualbox.

The installation was easy but there is one thing the newbie I am do not understand.

Via Vista's Explorer I just can't find the files of the 2 ROR applications I created with the Web Shell.

I know I created one new hard drive when installing the ROR appliance. I was just wondering whether I can access to these files via Vista's Explorer (if it is possible) (I know I can do it via the Web Shell).

Does the .vdi file (the file containing the ROR appliance hard drive) act like a black box ? I just can't see there how many files are in this .vdi file.

Additional info : OS : Vista

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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You can share folders between your VB and your OS. Also this question more fit [superuser]( – fl00r Mar 29 '11 at 11:41
thanks fl00r. I can't install the guest additions >> can't use the shared folders feature. – politicus Mar 29 '11 at 12:22
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The Rails appliance (and any TurnkeyLinux appliance) isn't going to share files by default. The easiest way for you to get in will be to use an SSH/SFTP client to access the folders on the system.

SSH/SFTP connection

For my Turnkey boxes I use FileZilla to connect as root@ Note that the actual IP address will change but you should see it on the blue splash screen after your Turnkey guest VM has booted.

Port Forwarding - last resort

If for some reason you can't access the IP address listed on that screen then you can set up port forwarding in the Virtualbox settings under Devices > Network Adapters > Port Forwarding. In that case you'll forward host port 2222 to guest port 22. Once that's done retry a FileZilla connection to root@localhost:22.

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Hi Daniel, thank you very much. Your answer helped me solve the problem (I didn't even have to forward the port). My first steps in Filezilla ;-) – politicus Mar 31 '11 at 1:58

I'm using an another solution (no Turnkey, just Ubuntu in VirtualBox, but who prevent you from installing additional software?), Samba server on virtual machine. On windows I mount samba share as network drive, so I can access it like local files.

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