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        $twitteroauth = new TwitterOAuth($this->__twitterKey, $this->__twitterSecret);

        $request_token = $twitteroauth->getRequestToken(Router::url(array('action' => 'twitter', 'authorize'), true));
        $this->Session->write('Twitter', $request_token);

            // Let's generate the URL and redirect
            $url = $twitteroauth->getAuthorizeURL($request_token['oauth_token']);
            header('Location: '. $url);
        } else {
            $this->Session->setFlash('Something went wrong');


    $data['oauth_verifier'] = $_GET['oauth_verifier'];
    $data['oauth_token'] = $this->Session->read('Twitter.oauth_token');
    $data['oauth_token_secret'] = $this->Session->read('Twitter.oauth_token_secret');

    $twitteroauth = new TwitterOAuth($this->__twitterKey, $this->__twitterSecret, $data['oauth_token'], $data['oauth_token_secret']);

    $access_token = $twitteroauth->getAccessToken($data['oauth_verifier']);

When i do a var_dump

i get the following

    [ "1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    [amp;oauth_nonce] => 78576d8eaaabb422fdbd3097e385adcc
    [amp;oauth_signature] => T23hCeJ5PM2rdYvdZ0mvoHzOfLk=
    [amp;oauth_signature_method] => HMAC-SHA1
    [amp;oauth_timestamp] => 1301392825
    [amp;oauth_token] => JKlpOBGaENFzuXbs4bSzVZCTWnelKX5WeJ1EA1MLfB0
    [amp;oauth_verifier] => ifPBR18Pw2iTs74GAqyFlLXbvQAoOgG3AjWpPxXV2E
    [amp;oauth_version] => 1.0
  Invalid / expired Token

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Try ksorting just before $twitteroauth = new TwitterOAuth(...) Most of the times, OAuth problems occur because of the requirements of the protocol.

$data['oauth_token_secret'] = $this->Session->read('Twitter.oauth_token_secret');


$twitteroauth = new TwitterOAuth($this->__twitterKey, $this->__twitterSecret,

Here is a link explaining the normalization (sorting) of the parameters

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Try to increase OAuth oauth_timestamp by a couple of hours.

In PHP OAuth client it looks like this:

private static function generate_timestamp() {
    return time()+5*3600;


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