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How to get the mobile number and work number from iPhone contacts using MonoTouch c#? I used this code,

ABMultiValue<String> phoneMV =  person.GetPhones();
String[] phoneval = phoneMV.GetValues();
for(int i = 0; i< phoneval.Length; i++) {

But it prints all value of contact numbers. How to get particular attributes from contacts? For example i need mobile and work number, home and work email id like that. I don't want all values. How to achieve this?

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An ABMultiValue<T> is a collection of ABMultiValueEntry<T> values. The type of phone number (work, home, etc.) is stored in the ABMultiValueEntry<T>.Label property, which you can compare against e.g. ABLabel.Work:

IEnumerable<ABMultiValueEntry<string>> workPhoneEntries = person.GetPhones()
        .Where(p => p.Label == ABLabel.Work);
IEnumerable<string> workNumbers = workPhoneEntries.Select(p => p.Value);
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How to get the Address from contact? i got all values from contact. But i cant get the Address. – bharath Apr 6 '11 at 7:56
Addresses are the same-just-different; ABPerson.GetAddresses() returns (effectively) IEnumerable<ABMultiValueEntry<NSDictionary>>, similar to ABPerson.GetPhones(), so check ABMultiValueEntry<NSDictionary>.Label for the "right" address (work, home, etc.). ABMultiValueEntry<NSDictionary>.Value contains the address, where the key is an address-part and the value is the address-value; see: go-mono.com/docs/… – jonp Apr 6 '11 at 20:24

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