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I have an requirement of get the items from the list depends on the ItemID.I have list which contains 5000 items in which I retrieve only 1000 items for that I will dynamically build the CAML query using JohnHoliday CAML.NET and the query have 1000 conditions at that time I got Value does not fall within the Expected Range error. The query works fine upto 150 items but it throws error when the ItemID increases.Could you provide a suitable workaround for this issue ?

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You're running into the size limit for CAML queries, which AFAIK isn't documented anywhere, but definitly exists.

If you only need to support 2010 then you can use the new <In> operator which probably with get you a bid further

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In sharepoint 2010 there is a List view threshold configuration that give the administrator the ability to determine the maximum items you can retreive in a one patch and to overcome this problem you can use ContentIterator check this link for more help

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Why not iterate over SPList.Items and take which items you need? So there's no need to build a complex caml query. Or call SPList.GetItemByUniqueId.

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