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Is there an easy way to test a Python string "xxxxABCDyyyy" to see if "ABCD" is contained within it?

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if "ABCD" in "xxxxABCDyyyy":
    # whatever
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This works here, but may not give the expected results if you are testing against a non-string. E.g. if testing against a list of strings (perhaps with if "ABCD" in ["xxxxabcdyyyy"]), this can fail silently. –  GreenMatt Mar 29 '11 at 15:37

There are several other ways, besides using "in" operator(easiest)


>>> try :
...   "xxxxABCDyyyy".index("test")
... except ValueError:
...   print "not found"
... else:
...   print "found"
not found


>>> if "xxxxABCDyyyy".find("ABCD") != -1:
...   print "found"


>>> import re
>>> if re.search("ABCD" , "xxxxABCDyyyy"):
...  print "found"
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The last one requires and re.escape call in the general case though. –  delnan Mar 29 '11 at 13:28

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