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I use the wonderful Eclipse PDT for PHP development.

I often encounter irritating bugs due to me misspelling variable names.

Is there a way to highlight variables that have not been initialized? As they will almost certainly be due to a spelling mistake.

Thanks for any help.

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Just make sure you write small functions/methods. –  OIS Feb 13 '09 at 19:58

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No. Due to the dynamic, sometimes hackish nature of PHP, it would overall be a pain to have variables that the IDE thinks is undeclared be underlined. Since many functions can declare variables on their own (such as extract), this would be a major hindrance.

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zend studio has this feature so i'm not sure if we'll see it in pdt, it will also highlight unreachable code, etc.

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JEdit with PHPParser plugin had that, IIRC. It's been long since I tried it, though, I might be wrong.

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