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So I've created a new install of Magento, set up the whole system again from scratch, installed the theme, and brought in the products from a csv file from previous install (same version).

All is working well now, homepage, category pages, account pages - all good.

When you click on a PRODUCT, to go to the product page, Magento throws the "There has been an error..." page. Every product, simple, config, and I made a couple of new products too, these give the same error.

Have not edited the .htaccess file, have flushed and re-indexed everything. Can anyone recommend something to try? I've got a hunch it's a URL re-write issue, but I havent really done anything to cause this.

Before importing the products I cleared the url fields in the csv file too, to allow the server to make new ones.

Urgent help required - am very greatful for your help.

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Please paste the error also so we could recommend the solution for the error. You can find error by number from var/report folder – Anton S Mar 29 '11 at 14:30
fixed it - had the wrong combo of magento install and the theme file. – itsricky Mar 30 '11 at 13:01

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