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I want to redo my mathematics, since I honestly feel deprived. I'm a pre-final year Computer Engg (!) student in India. I eventually want to be a mathematically mature (yeah, that's how I wanna phrase it!) PROGRAMMER (in Machine Learning, NLP)! A Genuine request.

An example of kind of maturity I expect will be clear by following example: Someone asks me to write a C program to calculate the sum of the squares of the first 100 odd natural numbers. Naturally my answer would go something like:

    sum += square(2*i+1);

BUT, one of my 'mathematically mature' friend came up with this (yeah this thing was actually asked!)

∑(2n+1)² = ∑ (4n² + 4n + 1)= ...SO ON.

Came up with a formula & put 100 for n & he was done in a single C line.

I couldn't think of such a thing, until he did. So, I think I've made things a little simpler for you to get my intention of asking this question.

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I'm assuming you're asking something along the lines of: 'What resources are available that will help me increase my mathematical knowledge?' If so, you could make your question clearer by editing it to include an explicit request. –  Tommy Herbert Mar 29 '11 at 14:59

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Project Euler is a fun way for computer programmers to find out more about maths. Try working through the first few problems in the language of your choice. Solving a problem will unlock discussion and sometimes a PDF explaining the mathematical background.

For stuff that's specifically relevant to machine learning and NLP, you might want to check out some of the answers to this question.

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Maths is definitely a useful thing to have a good working knowledge of for programming. I'm not entirely sure what your request is though?

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