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So I'm looking for a gem that will bring some tree behavior to the pages model.

From what I can see there are quite a few, I was wondering what other people thought.

If there any great ones or and dodgy ones to avoid.


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Take a look at Ancestry, it's remarkably efficient.

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Went this this over the other because it has excellent documentation. –  Smickie Mar 31 '11 at 9:54

I recommend Closure Tree. His author introduces good resources and reasons for it here.

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check out here


I prefer awesome_nested_set

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I have implemented acts_as_tree successfully for some threaded comments, but am not impressed by its performance-handling. It was very simple to implement, though.

By default, it now queries the database once for every node in the tree. I suspect with some clever settings and some optimisation this can be solved though, but, out of the box: not too impressed.

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Seems like the most popular is AwesomeNestedSet https://github.com/collectiveidea/awesome_nested_set

It has categories ordering system, what is missing in others and all standart functions. Setup is pretty well docummented

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