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where can i find some good tutorials on programming nurbs meshes. Google keeps sending me to modeling software tutorials.

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Even if your question isn't clear enough i try to give you an answer.

First of all mesh and nurbs are differents things.

  1. Mesh are 3d objects composed by polygon (typically triangles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygon_mesh ), typically used in real-time rendering application because they are faster to render than nurbs.
  2. Nurbs (Non unifirm rational B-Spline: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-uniform_rational_B-spline ) are a sort of base through which you can represent 3d surfaces. They are very expensive to render so they are typically used for modeling purposes rater than real-time applications.

No mesh nor nurbs are "programmed". So what do you mean with your question?

If you wished to know how to load meshes or nurbs inside an opengl program there isn't a simple answer. For both meshes and nurbs exists a variety of differents format. OpenGL natively doesn't support any of them.

For example if you need to parse a mesh file to load a model inside an openGL program you need to write your own parser, stores triangles data inside a structure and then manually render each triangle through openGL primitives.

If you need something already done you can have a look at some 3d rendering engines like OSG (OpenSceneGraph) or Ogre .

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You can check this book: The NURBS Book

The authors are the expert of NURBS. And there is many C code in this book that you can learn and use it easily. There are also many graphs and examples. If you want to learn something about NURBS, this is the first book you should read! BTW: I am big fun of this book ^_^

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Check out the NeHe website for good opengl tutorials on how to do things such as this. The specific tutorial you'll want to look at is: Bezier Patches. That should get you started. You can look around their site a little more to find other code examples.

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