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I've been looking int simplistic template engines for a project I'm working on. I basically just want to iterate through an array and display the contents as rows. I'm looking to do some minor separation between display and logic. In addition it would be nice to have some pre - existing css functionality that an be customized. I'm aware the PHP is a template engine in and of it's self. I'm more interested in the stackoverflow communities thought s and experiences with different template engines.

Here are a few link I have come across this far comparing engines;




From my experiments thus far it seems like smarty, as well as some of the other engines are a bit bloated for my purposes. Savant seems really nice and simple, but maybe lacks some functionality.

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PHP does in fact do quite a good job of being a template language already. I refer you to an answer I gave to a similar question some time ago. –  Spudley Mar 29 '11 at 15:47
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You mention Savant, i would stay away from it, my company made the decision to go with Savant 3years ago on some of our project, and since then it has just been a race to remove it. It's very heavy for what it offers.

If you want something simple and yet powerful, consider taking a look at Mustache (http://mustache.github.com/): https://github.com/bobthecow/mustache.php

It's really easy to work with, and if you are doing project on different platforms/languages, the re-usability of the templates is amazing (i've been using it with PHP, Node.js and Go, without having to modify one single line of my templates).

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+1 to mustache.php –  bender.rodriges Apr 18 '12 at 5:27
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Templating engines make sense to me when I need to have some form of sandboxing. Otherwise, I have yet to find a templating language that definitely makes templating easier.

You do not want the vast features of Smarty, but you do not want the feature-lacking Savant. What exactly is your Goldilocks templating engine then? Just using PHP has always been fine for me.

A good discussion:

Related discussion:

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you should see this benchmark php template comparison

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