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Is it possible to have the scrollbars of an overflowing <div> always show (in other words float in viewport)? I have a very high <div> tag with scrollbars at the bottom, but I want the scrollbars to stay in view no matter how high up the <div> the user is.

Is this possible with jQuery or Javascript at all?

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You can't force the scrollbar of the drive to float at the bottom. You can probably do some trickery with multiple <div>s where one floats and its scrollbar controls the scrolling of the other. Or you can use a <div> within another <div> to get the same effect.

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It is possible to have a piece of code that fires on the scroll events, and sycnhronizes the positions of two scrolled divs. Then you can just float one of the divs, empty, large enough that only the scrollbar is showing, and have it linked with the real scrollbar.

Be careful with it, though, as those events can fire very rapidly, see http://ejohn.org/blog/learning-from-twitter/

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