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I'm trying to dynamically set a an input value("choice" in my case) inside a form based on user inputs. After setting the desired value, I want to disable the field so that user cannot change it. Here is the code i'm using.

<select name="0-choices" id="id_0-choices">
<option value="Phone">Phone</option>
<option value="Fax">Fax</option>
<option value="Voicemail">Voicemail</option>


The problem is, if I disable the field, the field is not available in the posted data. So my validation function complains of data not available. How can I "freeze" the input field and yet be able to post it.

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you can enable it just before submitting the form: $(frm).submit(function(){ $(cfield).find('option').removeAttr('disabled'); }); –  sunn0 Mar 29 '11 at 15:30

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You can disable the field, and then copy its value into a hidden form field.


<input type="hidden" name="cfield_hidden"/>


// snip...

Or, you could enable the options immediately before submitting the form:

$('some-form-selector').submit(function ()
    $(this).find('option').attr('disabled', false);
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I got to this problem too, and guess you try to disable the fields while sending Ajax request, the best solution i found was using readonly instead:

$(cfield).attr('readonly', true);

Users can't modify the field's value but they are still read

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make a hidden input field like

$('.your-form').append("<input type='hidden' name='0-choices' value='"+$('cfield option:selected).val()+"' />")

as disabled inputs won't be submitted ..

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You can use a hidden field to store the value you whant to send once you disable the input field.

Something like this:

$(cfield).append('<input type="hidden" id="hiddenField" value="'+$(cfield).val()+'"/>');
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as you say disabled inputs are not included in the post data, your best option is to either fix your server side logic or to store a input hidden field with name 0-choices and the value you want posted.

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i would clone the field on submit and set remove the disabled attr. And append it to your form as display none.

Or simply remove the disabled onsubmit.

PS: your username would be cooler with a M instead of the N ;)

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