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I am working on Android 2.2, and with a given number I am trying to get all the contacts which have this number.

The given number could be partial and not the full phone number of a contact.

For example if i have two contacts:

  • A with phone number: 123456
  • B with phone number: 456789

when the input is 456 the query should return both of them.

I tried to use the LIKE operator on the selection, but the problem is that the numbers are stored formatted in Android (separated with '-').

Is there anyway to get unformatted phone numbers? Or is there a way to tell the query to compare the numbers but to ignore the '-'?

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Have you tried the REGEXP operator? Off the top of my head, something like .*1\D*2\D*3.* would match 123 with any number of non-digit characters in between.

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How to make REGEXP work on android? It works on HTC but does not on Samsung devices nor emulator –  Vladimir Oct 24 '11 at 15:44

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