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Is it possible that a MySQL function/stored procedure returns a query result?

Because I want to have this on PHP:

SET @csum:=0; 

    datvalor AS 'Date', 
    company AS 'Company', 
    (@csum:=@csum + amount) AS 'Sum'
FROM tbl_test
ORDER BY datvalor

but PHP can´t run multiple lines, right?

I've searched but everyone says that a procedure can't return a table. How will you solve this?

I don't want to put the Sum calculation on php, the goal here is too generate everything on MySQL


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No, PHP can run multiple lines query. You just to concatenate strings.


$sql = "";

$sql .= "SELECT ";
 $sql .= "   datvalor AS 'Date', ";
 $sql .= "   company AS 'Company', ";
 $sql .= "   (@csum:=@csum + amount) AS 'Sum'";
$sql .= " FROM tbl_test";
$sql .= " ORDER BY datvalor";
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My bad, what I meant was that PHP can't run multiple querys in one mysql_query. –  rnunes Mar 30 '11 at 10:33
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After more research, I've found that the way is use mysqli (MySQL Improved) instead of mysql, just don't know the little details (yet)

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Check the accepted answer in this post, I think it might help you in whatever you need to do here. Notice the sub-query inside the main query.

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