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I've recently come across the HFOSS (Humanitarian Free Open Source Software) Project as well as some other companies doing Smart Power Grid software companies and other kinds of Green focused software projects.

Since I am doing some research on the topic and because Google searches on Green /Eco / Humanitarian / Sustainability return a lot of noise to signal I was wondering what projects people know about personally which I might find worth reading up on.

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There is a lot of work going on in power reduction, particularly in the embedded space. However, much of that research can apply throughout the industry. – BobbyShaftoe Feb 13 '09 at 20:48
  • Not Green, but close to Humanitarian: there seem to be a lot of open source medical projects going on...
  • Pamguard is an Open-Source Software Community Developing Marine Mammal Acoustic Detection and Localisation Software to Benefit the Marine Environment
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There are a lot of such jobs when you work for an NGO or for the United Nations, browse one of these sites to start your "humanitarian" job search:

  • UN Job Monster website (
  • The UN Official website (
  • UN Jobs website (
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