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Does anyone know how to add a "title" attribute to the ANCHOR tag within the THEAD tag of the displayTag library? I am able to add a "title" attribute to the tag but I'm looking to do this specifically within the the sortable column header.

Here is my code:

<display:table id="searchTable" name="${pageParameters.list}" excludedParams="*" requestURI="" class="sortable">
    <display:column property="vesselName" sortable="true"/>

Here is what is rendered:

<table id="searchTable" class="sortable">
<th class="sortable">
<a href=";d-7957256-s=0&amp;method=submitRefresh">Number</a></th></tr>
<tr class="odd">

I am hoping to add a "title" attribute to the anchor tag within the result above. Thanks in advance!

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