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I have following structure in jar

myjar.jar -> com -> MYProgram.class

       -> file.txt

In MYProgram i am trying to do:


I am getting NullpointerException when i try to read the inputstream..

Where is it going wrong ?

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Either use




(ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream always takes an "absolute" resource name.)

I don't believe navigating up the "directory hierarchy" works in getResourceAsStream - the path either has to be relative to the given class but without navigating back up the tree, or it has to be absolute to start with.

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yes this worked.. thnx –  harshit Mar 29 '11 at 17:39

Try the absolute path:


The Javadoc for getResourceAsStream says:

  • If the name begins with a '/' ('\u002f'), then the absolute name of the resource is the portion of the name following the '/'.
  • Otherwise, the absolute name is of the following form:


    Where the modified_package_name is the package name of this object with '/' substituted for '.' ('\u002e').

This would turn your path into this absolute path:


I don't think the .. notation is respected. It literally looks for the above absolute path.

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