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I have an uncommitted changeset. I want to commit some of the changes, but not commit some of the files (like unstaging a file in git). Can this be done in mercurial?

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Use the -X option to hg commit to exclude certain files. You can specify it more than once on the command line. For example,

hg commit -X path/to/unwanted/file -X path/to/another/file
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You can pass a list of files to commit to hg commit, e.g. hg commit -m msg file1 file2 ....

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Yep! You have two options.

  1. Commit just some files.

    If you provide file names as arguments to hg commit, only those files will be committed. So if I have the following hg status:

    M foo.txt
    M bar.txt

    I can run hg commit foo.txt to commit just the changes to foo.txt and leave the changes in bar.txt for a later commit.

  2. Use the record extension.

    The Record extension gives Mercurial behavior to git's index, letting you commit just some patches of your changes (like git add --patch). See the docs for more info.

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