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Is there a simple way to update nodes in an NSXMLDocument? I come from a c# background and you can do a simple XmlDocument.SelectSingleNode("XPATH") to select a node and XmlNode.InnerText = "abc" to set the value of the node.

I can't seem to find any methods that let me do this in the Apple NSXMLDocument documentation?


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NSXMLDocument is a subclass of NSXMLNode which has a method nodesForXPath:error: which will, it seems, give you an array containing the nodes you're after. Something along these lines:

NSError err;
NSArray * nodes = [myXMLDoc nodesForXPath:theXPath error:&err];
if( !nodes ){ 
    // handle error
[[nodes objectAtIndex:0] setStringValue:@"abc"];

There may be another method than setStringValue: that you want to call on the resulting node, perhaps.

(If the thing with the NSError made you say "WTF?", give the Error Handling Guide a quick glance.)

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