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I have the following function

    private void UnsubscribeSubscribe(Action action)
        action.BeginInvoke(action.EndInvoke, null);

Whenever I pass in an action that modifies my controls data source nothing happens. I know the action is being invoked because the query I'm running is returning results. I was reading that you can only modify winform controls from the same thread that added them. How can I make this work?

For example, running UnsubscribeSubscribe(() => { Foobar.DataSource = GetResults() });

GetResults() will run properly but the data source will remain unchanged.

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You need to invoke the delegate on the thread that created the control's underlying handle. Control.BeginInvoke is used for just that.

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You are using the wrong method. A delegate's BeginInvoke() method always runs the delegate target on a threadpool thread. Poison to the user interface. You need to use Control.BeginInvoke(). Like the form's BeginInvoke method. While similarly named, it has nothing to do with a delegate's BeginInvoke() method. For one, you don't have to (and shouldn't) call EndInvoke().

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if you need to make an action on a UI thread from the different thread then GUI thread then you should use Invoke method like this (this example is for text box - from msdn):

private void SetText(string text)
   // InvokeRequired required compares the thread ID of the
   // calling thread to the thread ID of the creating thread.
   // If these threads are different, it returns true.
  if (this.textBox1.InvokeRequired)
    SetTextCallback d = new SetTextCallback(SetText);
    this.Invoke(d, new object[] { text });
    this.textBox1.Text = text;

There is also another approach using SynchronizationContext class - you can read about using it here

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Thanks for the edit link. –  Mike Mar 31 '11 at 12:16

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