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Okay - I have a little php. I want to sell things. I want to offer multiple Payment PRoviders. One of them will be NoChex.

For the sake of security etc. - I don't really want to use the standard "form" to send the data to NoChex. I'd much rather be storign data on my site, and send hte data to NoChex via script. (Hopefully this should remove the chances of form fudgery etc.)

But - I have no idea on how to do it. I've got a few test CURLs up and running - sending data to a page on the same domain. The problem I have is ... I remain on the same URL as I started (whatever URL has the CURL code).

Is this the right way to be doing things? Can I use CURL for this?

As it currently stands - I'm telling CURL what URL to go to etc., and sending the same data as I would from the form - but I simply get a blank page :(

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For the record : Yes - I've got it set to ignore https/ssl URLs // Yes - I've got it set to work with cookies if required // Yes - I've ensured that I can access other pages (Google etc.) // It's simply attempting to access "secure.nochex.com/"; results ina blank page, or a redirection. At no point can I get the "page" as I would via a browser. So - has anyone else done this? –  Clueless Mar 29 '11 at 21:01
It appears that the nochex site does a redirect by default. So my problem has been cURL not following the redirect, or not passing on the data. /////////// Due to the lack of response - consider this question -- CLOSED -- –  Clueless Mar 30 '11 at 17:07

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