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I have a problem with train function

??? Error using ==> network.train Targets are incorrectly sized for network. Matrix must have 2 columns. Error in ==> tfarst1 at 14 [net,tr]=train(net,min_max,f);

>> whos
Name          Size                    Bytes  Class
Fs            1x1                         8  double array
d         22050x1                    176400  double array
f             1x432                    3456  double array
h             1x1                         8  double array
h1            1x1                         8  double array
m           432x12                    41472  double array
min_max     432x2                      6912  double array
net           1x1                     85013  network object
s         55512x1                    888192  double array (complex)
Grand total is 92380 elements using 1201469 bytes

I only have one output for each row how can I fix it?and this is my code

[h h1] = size(m);
net=newff(min_max,[5 1],{'tansig','purelin'},'trainlm');
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Sorry, I don't think my assertion below was correct. I don't have a copy of Matlab to check it out on. Check to make sure all of your dimensions match up the ones given here. It may be incorrect for you to use min_max in both places, but I'm not sure –  jonsca Mar 30 '11 at 13:41

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You have basically already answered your own question. The command cannot run because you don't provide it with the correct inputs as specified when you type help train.

In case more input is required than you actually have, you can of course try to feed the function some dummy input. However, without deep understanding of how train works this is likely to yield undesirable results.

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