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Here is the table I am getting the data from "actually it's a view of two different tables"

  • The first table is the users table the holds everything about the user.
  • The second is a log table that logs who viewed the video and when they viewed it.,

What I am trying to is display the last 18 users to view a video but I don't want any duplicate users. So if a user shows up twice in the last 18 I only want his latest view and then skip all the others.

I tried using the DISTINCT keyword but I am getting more than one column so it didn't work.

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Here is a query that works. It assume that you need logs only for a given video id (@video_id):

SELECT log_date, user_id, name_display
  SELECT MAX( AS log_date, user_id
  FROM log_views AS l
  WHERE (l.video_id=@video_id)
  GROUP BY user_id
  ORDER BY log_date DESC
  LIMIT 18
) AS top
INNER JOIN users AS u ON (u.user_key=top.user_id)
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This is what i ended up using. recent_video_viewers is the name of the view I made so i didn't have to do any joins

SELECT id, MAX(date), user_id, img_key, random_key 
FROM recent_video_viewers 
WHERE video_id = '$vr[id]' AND img_key != '' 
GROUP BY user_id 

I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this but it works.

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