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I would like to replace the french letter Æ with the asci corresponding AE, but the method does not accept this. Is there another way?

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How about:

myString.Replace("Æ", "AE");
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This doesn't work?

string x = "ÆHELLO";
string y = x.Replace("Æ", "AE");
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"it's a race!" :) – Liron Mar 29 '11 at 20:02

Instead of string.Replace('Æ','AE'), use string.Replace("Æ", "AE").

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Just call .ToString() on your char:

var str = str.Replace('Æ'.ToString(), "AE");
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That seems like a long way around to just putting in: "Æ". Am I missing something? – CodingGorilla Mar 29 '11 at 20:00
@Coding Gorilla, yes you're right. It's easier to use a string constant here :) – Alex Mar 29 '11 at 20:07
Ok, I'm one of those dumb US developers that doesn't worry about foreign characters, so I wasn't sure if there was something I didn't know. =) – CodingGorilla Mar 29 '11 at 20:09

This should work since it is a valid Unicode character - are you sure you are re-assigning the string? strings are immutable so this is necessary:

string test = "Æblah";
test = test.Replace("Æ", "AE");//test is now "AEblah"
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