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I am using the following to push my cameraViewController

[appDelegate.navigationController pushViewController:cameraViewController animated:YES];

In my cameraViewController's ViewDidLoad i use the following to start imagepicker

[self presentModalViewController:self.overlayViewController.imagePickerController animated:YES];

When I DismissModalViewController and pop the cameraViewController, I get back to my main menu successfully. The problem is that when I push cameraViewController again, I get a blank screen, This is probably because presentModalViewController is not called again. I have tried to put presentModalViewController at various places, like init and loadview, but none have worked for me.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

What I am try to implement is a back button on my overlay to go back to main menu if and when desired.

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You could add imagePickerController as a subview to your cameraViewController instead of presenting it modally (note that then you have to call [imagePickerController viewWillAppear:YES]; and [imagePickerController viewDidAppear:YES]; manually).

Or just move your [self presentModalViewController:self.overlayViewController.imagePickerController animated:YES]; method to viewWillAppear: (this gets called by navigation controller).

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