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I am trying to create an application very similar to iBeer I want to fill iphone from virtual water and can shake it so it produce bubbles? I tried to search any similar example of code as I am very new to cocos2d but I can't. I wanna know how can I do this? Any helpful links? Do I have to use chipmunk or anything else?

Thanks Mani

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Cocos 2D mainly serves to display sprites particules and otehr visual effects

The actual physics of it are handled by Chipmunk.

chipmunk is not so much a fluid engine but given enough small objects you can aproximate something like iBeer.

I remember seeing a video demo of chipmunk that did it.

I'm never did something close to that with chipmunk but try asking on the offcial forum

they helped me out a lot and the author of chipmunk (scott) is very reactive and helpful.

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Thanks for the response man. But is there something you can give me similar to ibeer? any tutorial ? links? – Inam Abbas Apr 15 '11 at 13:22

thats the use of accelerometer and you affine transform your views

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This explanation of animated water may be helpful.

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Thanks, but I want it to move the water like iBeer from bottom to top animation not sea animation. – Inam Abbas Apr 15 '11 at 13:23

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