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I'm working in a webforms app that uses routing in .net 4. I've defined a very basic route in global.asax as follows:

        RouteTable.Routes.MapPageRoute("myRouteName", "MyRoutePath", "~/RouteHandlers/MyHandler.aspx");

In the codebehind of one of my pages I'm using GetRouteUrl to generate a the URL for this named route as follows:


This doesn't produce the expected result of http://sitename/MyRoutePath. Instead it produces http://sitename/MyRoutePath?length=15

The length parameter doesn't seem to hurt but I've spent a lot of time making the URLs look nice so I don't want to see an extra parameter there. Any idea how to disable it?

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I encountered this very same issue with just one of my routes using Web Forms this morning and I've got around it by providing a 2nd argument to the GetRouteUrl method, passing in null (as this particular route didn't require any route parameters).

For example:

GetRouteUrl("name-of-my-route", null)

My Url is now clean and is not appended with ?length=15.

Hopefully this might help your situation too.

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He should mark this as the correct answer because it worked for me. Thanks so much - this was driving me crazy!! –  EdenMachine Oct 22 '11 at 15:31
Yep, mark as answer please. Worked for me, too. –  Tillito Oct 10 at 20:09

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