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This is a follow-up of sorts to my question: Does iPhone support hardware-accelerated AES Encryption?. After further analysis and hackery, I have determined that the iOS CommonCrypto supports hardware acceleration only for the AES-CBC mode (Cipher Block Chaining), but not AES-CTR (Counter) or AES-ECB (Electronic Codebook) modes. Although this differs from the open sourced code: http://opensource.apple.com/source/CommonCrypto/CommonCrypto-36064/Source/GladmanAES/ccNewGladman.c.

So this seems like an additional "fix" on top of what's available publicly. So I'm curious to know what the capabilities of the hardware are and if Apple is actually preventing the application developers from using all the features of the hardware chip.

I have looked at the usual suspects (Chipworks & iFixit) for this info but no luck.

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