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Is there any way to prevent start/load of DevExpress and/or Vissual assist? Even if disabling it's up'n running the next time.

When using a limited cpu larger projects sometimes freezes everything for a bunch of minutes each time you forget to disable (and seems like I forget it each time).

Tried both out and one of them could be a nice contribute, if disabled by default.

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I cannot tell you about VAssist, but automatic loading of CodeRush is controlled by the DevExpress--> Options-->Core-->Startup-->Load manually option.

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That helped me find it. The option showed up when the configuration mode was set expert. thank you. – Simon Mar 30 '11 at 16:42

I couldn't find the Startup option under Core; till I changed the Level to Expert from New User

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To load it up again, you can go to Tools->Load DevExpress.

To bring up the options page, do Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O and change it to expert mode in bottom left pane.

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