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What do these numbers (10:4, 37, 10:5) mean in the following MSBUILD output?

10:4>Done Building Project "C:\Foo.csproj" (default targets).
  37>Project "C:\Bar.csproj" (37) is building "C:\Foo.csproj" (10:5) on node 3.
10:5>Building with tools version "4.0".
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When building a solution, multiple projects are built, and you'll see each with a unique number (the '37' above). Calling out to the MSBuild task from one project to another will give a similar result, it is similar to a 'recursion depth' indicator. The 10:4> is typically related to which 'node' is being used in a multi-processor build, though I'm unfamiliar with the ':' syntax for this indicator and have only seen it with a single number. Are you doing a build with /m, from a solution, or what other differences might be in play in your situation (e.g. TFS)?

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I'm running msbuild against a Team Build project file (TFSBuild.proj) with the /m option on an 8 logical core machine. – Keith Hill Mar 30 '11 at 4:23

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