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I've got an application which i want to send some alerts information. Currently, it's firing off emails -> works perfectly fine.

I was hoping to intergrate this server application with one/many Instant messenger services, such as MSN Messenger or Google Chat. I'm not sure what my options are, though.

Has anyone any information if this is possible?

Lastly, i need to do this with .NET.

Cheers :)

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See also, MSNPSharp, which is strictly focused just on MSN's IM protocol.

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sweet :) that's exactly what i was after for the MSN IM Protocol :) Now ... to try and figure out how to use it :( –  Pure.Krome Jan 30 '10 at 11:15
@Pure.Krome, if you get something simple working, it'd be really useful to post it somewhere. A sort of "Hello, World" of MSNPSharp. –  Cheeso Jan 31 '10 at 18:18

I think the libpurple library is the most common way to do this. That's what many of the multi-protocol clients like Adium and Pidgin and Meebo use to talk to the actual IM services like Google/jabber, Yahoo, and MSN.

This claims to be libpurple with .NET bindings:


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Hi dreeves - that's for the updated post. Um, i'm not sure what i'm suppose to do with all those files and stuff? i mean, i'm suppose to compile em .. but there's no vs2008 proj file, etc. it's like it's made for mono or something? any suggestions? –  Pure.Krome Feb 14 '09 at 11:26

jabber-net is a C# library that lets you send messages over the XMPP protocol (used by Google Talk)

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