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Hey. I've got a question. I have an idea how to do this, but I'd love to hear your guys' take on it. Let me start off by explaining what part of this project I've completed so far.

I've already created a script that determines the visitors city. I've also created a script that figures out what "zone" this person is in. (Zones are just large areas that encompass a multitude of cities.) For example, the script has determined the visitor is viewing the page from Los Angeles. Therefore he's located in Zone G.

Now, I'll mention that I'm using a WordPress Directory "template" or framework called DirectoryPress (I'm doubtful anybody here has extensive experience with it, but that would be awesome). It's a pretty decent software, the best I could find for what my project entails. It's not the greatest though. Anyway, certain entries or "directory listings" will have a custom field value for what Zone they belong to. Only certain "featured" listings will have a zone specified.

What I want to do is have these particular "featured" listings with the zone specified to show up at the top of the listings page for the visitor viewing the page from that particular zone. If Company A and Company B are specified to be in Zone G, then I want those two to be at the very top of the listings page for Visitor X who is viewing the page from Los Angeles. For example.

I know this isn't a simple modification, but I'd like to hear what you guys think about it. I also realized upon re-reading it that it isn't extremely clear what I'm trying to do. If anybody needs me to clarify anything please ask. Thank you all.

Added Info The information regarding the city where the visitor is viewing from is located in a .dat file, and the information regarding the city/zone list is read from a .csv file.

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Are you using a query to retrieve locations? Do you have any samples of your current work done? I think that would help answer your question. –  Robert Ross Mar 30 '11 at 0:30
I have a geocode database held in a .dat file, and the list of cities/zones is located in a .csv file. I need help with modifying the wordpress code to query these "featured" listings (a featured listing is an entry that is marked as being in the visitor's zone).. I can then add my current code that discerns what zone the visitor is viewing from. –  Kevin Mar 30 '11 at 4:33

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