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In transact sql i have:

 DECLARE @phrase='KeyWord1 KeyWord2 ,KeyWord3 ' -- and my be more separated by space,comma or ;(but mainly by space=it's a phrase)

 I have a table Students
                StudentId bigint,
                FullName nvarchar(50),
                Article nvarchar(max)

I want to filter students by articles by bringing those whom article conatains a word of @phrase

  Something like:
       DECLARE @WOrdTable TABLE
        Word nvarchar(50)
       INSERT INTO @WOrdTable
       SELECT WOrd of @phrase

   FROM Students
   WHERE Article LIKE (Word in @phrase)
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I would split your string (comma delimited) into a temp table on your word phrases and perform a join to the Students table. From there you can make better use of the data than you would have in string format

There are plenty ways of splitting a string into a table:


Once you have your temp table you can use something like this.

FROM Students S (NOLOCK)
JOIN @tmpArticles A
  ON S.Articles LIKE '%' + A.Article '%'

A word of caution though, using LIKE on %X% has terrible performance, so question your approach if you have a LOT of string data.

This problem seems more geared towards a Full Text Search approach (FTS)


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Thank ou slappy.It works fine.I love StackOverFlow –  user594166 Mar 30 '11 at 0:25

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