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I just want to know how to make a count down for a even or a day? i did some search on google but I got got some few information to make this application ,they told me should be using NSDate and NSCalendar.however I want to stored all information and user can load when reopen the application ,should I using sqlite or core data? thanks

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1. Store your time (NSDate) at the appropriate time.
        NSUserDefaults  *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
        [defaults setObject:[NSDate date] forKey:@"CheckedInTime"];
        [defaults synchronize];
  1. When your app become active again: (i.e.) -

    (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application

Start a timer to check to see if the time has expired:

 self.checkinTimer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:60 target:self selector:@selector(checkinTimerCheck:) userInfo:nil repeats:YES];

- (void) checkinTimerCheck:(NSTimer *) timer {
    NSUserDefaults  *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];            
    NSDate * checkinTime = [defaults objectForKey:@"CheckedInTime"];

    if (hours < 0) {
        [self alertUserThatTimeHasExpired];

Invalidate the timer check whenever your app gets

- (void)applicationWillResignActive:(UIApplication *)application



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