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   Dim Result() As Variant

In my watch window, this appears as

Expression | Value | Type
Result     |       | Variant/Variant()

How do I check the following:

   if Result is nothing then


   if Result is Not Set then

This is basically what I am trying to accomplish, but the first one does not work and the second does not exist.

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Chip Pearson made a useful module called modArraySupport that contains a bunch of functions to test for things like this. In your case, you would want to use IsArrayAllocated.

Public Function IsArrayAllocated(Arr As Variant) As Boolean

This function returns TRUE or FALSE indicating whether the specified array is allocated (not empty). Returns TRUE of the array is a static array or a dynamic that has been allocated with a Redim statement. Returns FALSE if the array is a dynamic array that has not yet been sized with ReDim or that has been deallocated with the Erase statement. This function is basically the opposite of ArrayIsEmpty. For example,

Dim Result() As Variant
Dim R As Boolean
R = IsArrayAllocated(Result)  ' returns false
ReDim V(1 To 10)
R = IsArrayAllocated(Result)  ' returns true

The technique used is basically to test the array bounds (as suggested by @Tim Williams) BUT with an extra gotcha.

To test in your immediate window:


Testing in Watch window: there are may ways to do this; for example, add a watch on R and under "Watch Type" select "Break When Value Changes".

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You can use the following in the immediate window:

?Result Is Nothing
?IsNull( Result )
?IsEmpty( Result )
?IsMissing( Result )

The first is simply for completeness. Since Result is not an object, Result Is Nothing will throw an error. Empty is for variants that have not been initialized including arrays which have not been dimensioned..

(Update) In doing some additional checking, I have discovered that IsEmpty will never return true on a declared array (whether Redim'd or not) with only one exception. The only exception I found is when the array is declared at the module level and not as Public and then only when you check it in the immediate window.

Missing if for optional values passed to a function or sub. While you cannot declare Optional Foo() As Variant, you could have something like ParamArray Foo() As Variant in which case if nothing is passed, IsMissing would return true.

Thus, the only way to determine if the array is initialized is to write a procedure that would check:

Public Function IsDimensioned(vValue As Variant) As Boolean
    On Error Resume Next
    If Not IsArray(vValue) Then Exit Function
    Dim i As Integer
    i = UBound(Bar)
    IsDimensioned = Err.Number = 0
End Function

Btw, it should be noted that this routine (or the library posted by Jean-François Corbett) will return false if the array is dimensioned and then erased.

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Result is an array. The return value for IsNull(), IsEmpty() and IsMissing() right after dimension it is FALSE. And Result Is Nothing throws an error. I guess your answer would be fine if Result was not an array. – Oneide Mar 30 '11 at 1:48
@OP2506 - Because Result is not an object, Is Nothing will throw an error. However, IsEmpty will return true until Redim is called on the array. IsMissing will return true if nothing is passed to a parameter declared as Optional Foo As Variant which can include an array. – Thomas Mar 30 '11 at 3:02
@Jean-François Corbett - Actually, I did. However, I notice a difference in behavior. If you declare Result() at the module level and then in the immediate window run IsEmpty( Result ) it returns true. However, if you put it in a routine and execute Debug.Print, it returns false. – Thomas Mar 30 '11 at 7:42
@OP2506 is right. When someone challenges you like that, it never hurts to do some testing before handwaving the challenge away! Here's a copy-paste from my Immediate window: ?IsNull( Result ) False ?IsEmpty( Result ) False ?IsMissing( Result ) False – Jean-François Corbett Mar 30 '11 at 7:50

Check the LBound of the array. If you get an error then it's uninitialized.

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